Hostfully is a software platform that vacation rental property managers use to run and grow their business. Hostfully is live in 80 countries with 1,000,000 traveler views just in December 2019. Today’s vacation rental property managers are struggling to keep pace with rising consumer expectations and the high load of operational tasks. Hostfully helps them earn more revenue and save money by distributing inventory across Airbnb, Vrbo, and, automating operations, and enhancing guest communications. Hostfully also empowers property managers to earn more money by selling offers related to the rental, like mid-stay cleaning, early check-in, and other add-ons.

ePACT Network

ePACT is an emergency network, providing the data, connections and communications needed to support families, organizations and communities through any crisis, large or small. ePACT provides families with a free Private Personal Emergency Record (PPER) to securely store all their critical data online. They then connect and share this with friends, relatives and organizations who support them day-to-day and in an emergency.

Organizations, like community centers, schools, camps, clubs and more, pay to use this unique SaaS service to replace paper-based emergency and health forms, waivers and consents. Instead of paper, they simply connect to families PPER online, securely accessing the data needed to manage their programs, or respond to a personal injury, facility evacuation, or community wide natural disaster. Replacing paper, reducing risks, improving security and better connecting and protecting the world – ePACT ensures the data and communications you need is always in your hands.

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