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Dare to be Different!

At Disruption Ventures we know that companies with female founders grow faster. We also know there’s a whole bunch of incredible female led businesses out there looking for funding.

So we’re on a mission:

To be the starting point for the best female founders when early stage capital is required –period!

To build successful companies with female entrepreneurs.

To expand marketplaces, solve problems and make money.

We’re looking to invest in businesses that solve real problems, with teams that are committed to succeed, in markets that have high growth potential and in companies that have a female founder or females in leadership roles.

We’re investing mostly in Seed and some Series A.

We get that this is the most exciting (scariest), and challenging (uncertain) time of your life. Welcome to the start-up world ! We’ve been there. That’s why we want to help with mentoring and support through the different stages of your business.

Sound interesting? Reach out.

We want to learn how you’re daring to be different.

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