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Disruption Ventures believes that diverse teams fuel success. We know the stats and understand that women are particularly underfunded when it comes to raising venture capital dollars. We see women as high value and high potential investments.

We also know from experience that building early stage companies is not easy, and that’s why we take an active role in supporting the companies we invest in.

If you’re a female founded, high growth company in North America and looking for seed or series A funding, we want to hear from you.

Elaine Kunda, Managing Partner

Experienced CEO, over 20 years of operating experience with a focus on digital and ecommerce. Raised VC money for multiple companies, built teams and had two successful exits in Canada and the US. Mentored, advised and supported entrepreneurs and CEO’s for numerous years.

Elaine Kunda

Our Advisors

John Albright
Jeannette Wiltse
Gillian Riley
Aris Zakinthinos
Nicole Verkindt
Katie Kaplan
Michele Romanow

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