Disruption Ventures

DV Approach

Disruption Ventures, takes early, bigger positions, develops founders and reserves capital to follow on our investments. At DV we are confident that founder development leads to greater returns. By making larger, focused investments, we are able to actively engage with teams and guide them through crucial decisions. 

We believe that  women founders are overlooked in the Venture Capital industry, and recognize the potential of this underutilized segment of the market. There is always untapped opportunity in the underserved.


Elaine Kunda led Fable’s recent seed round & joined Fable’s Board of Directors in July 2020. She brings strong operational background, knowledge, & expertise to the table, which already are resulting in improved performance. She also opens up her network of trusted & reputed advisors to help accelerate Fable’s growth. I sincerely enjoy her coaching & how she consistently challenges my thinking. Her honesty & candor are making me a better leader, & she truly walks the talk when it comes to accelerating women-led businesses.

Alwar Pillai

CEO & Co-Founder

Elaine joined ePACT in Summer 2019 as an Investor & Board Member. As an Entrepreneur & multi-time CEO, she brings a unique combination of entrepreneurial vision, venture experience, & operational insight, adding immeasurable value quickly. She digs deep, motivates action, & most importantly is relentless in her pursuit of results. As ePACT navigates a scale-up amid the unique combination of opportunities & challenges brought about by Covid-19, Elaine’s drive, creativity, & ability to ask the right questions has helped us to move forward quickly & strategically. She is the mentor that every new CEO should be fortunate enough to have at their side.

Kirsten Telford

President & Co-Founder

Working with Disruption Ventures has been transformative for Hostfully. In partnership with the Impact Team, Elaine and Eugene, Hostfully has gained a firm grasp on our financials and how we can use them to drive growth. From 'let's hop on a call' meetings to our regular monthly and quarterly sessions, we use the Disruption Ventures team as an extension of our own. In early stage businesses, change happens so frequently that in order to get real help, you need someone who will spend the time and energy to dig in and learn about specific challenges. What I most appreciate about Disruption Ventures is their willingness to meet us where we are with specific, relevant, and practical feedback.

Margot Schmorak

CEO & Co-Founder