Disruption Ventures


Fable provides testing & feedback on digital interfaces (e.g. websites, apps) to ensure accessibility and usability for users with sight, motor, hearing & other impairments. Fable’s platform enables rapid-turnaround testing by its disabled tester communities using multiple device types & assistive technologies.
Better provides a comprehensive platform for health and wellness professionals to manage all aspects of their practice, including providing a consumer-facing interface, coordinating booking & appointments, billing & payments, as well as managing client lifestyle, supplements and other recommendations.
Hostfully is a software platform that vacation rental property managers use to run and grow their business. Today’s vacation rental property managers are struggling to keep pace with rising consumer expectations and the high load of operational tasks. Hostfully helps them earn more revenue and save money by distributing inventory across Airbnb, Vrbo, and Booking.com, automating operations, and enhancing guest communications. Hostfully also empowers property managers to earn more money by selling offers related to the rental, like mid-stay cleaning, early check-in, and other add-ons.
ePACT is an emergency network, providing the data, connections and communications needed to support families, organizations and communities through any crisis, large or small. Organizations, like community centers, schools and camps pay to use this unique SaaS service to replace paper-based emergency and health forms, waivers and consents.
MakerKids offers unique coding and robotics programs that are rooted in science and have proven social and emotional skills benefits. The company’s active users are consistently growing and has been extremely well receipted by end-users. Recommended by Children’s mental health professionals, the MakerKids platform provides kids with a fun and immersive technical education, while also giving them the necessary soft skills they need to succeed.